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To this day, Sri Lanka still remains a developing country having an upper-middle-class income status. The reason to this is that the economic growth in Sri Lanka is facing major threats due to the enormous amounts of debts that need to be fulfilled in the country. Although many attempts are taken to resolve this difficulty, the structural reform to advancement is extremely slow. But with the help of Hayleys Aventura and our grand-scale products, Sri Lanka could succeed in taking a step forward upon becoming a more developed country.

The Engineering division of Hayleys Aventura plays a major role in providing industrial solutions to Sri Lanka, ranging from design to supply, installation, testing, commissioning, and maintenance. Consisting of various sections, the Engineering division of Hayleys Aventura overlooks their high-standards and service reliability to its foremost. Stated below are a few products that Hayleys Aventura’s Industrial solutions division provides in Sri Lanka.

Power Generators

With the increasing usage of electricity from all around the world, it is no surprise how valuable an uninterrupted power supply is to us. Having a generator in your work environment is the key to have positive growth in your business and avoid the misfortunes of a power outage. Hayleys Aventura has stepped in upon making sure that you have a dependable generator in your business that would help you keep track of your day to day activities. Hayleys Aventura is a supplier of the world’s finest branded generators here in Sri Lanka such as Tempest, Kohler, Volvo, and Tazwa and is specialized in the sale of industrial power generators with its steadfast service and maintenance. The generators are also made with state-of-the-art technology and are fully assembled and individually tested by Hayleys Aventura for greater authenticity.

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Industrial Water Pumps

Have you ever wondered how much a water pump could help run a business more efficiently? There are various kinds of water pumps that suit various purposes and needs yet, it is mainly used to control the water pressure. Some water pumps are used to push water from underground to a home or business and some are used to help get rid of excess water in case of a flood or heavy rain. Hayleys Aventura’s Industrial solutions has stepped in to make businesses in Sri Lanka run more efficiently by building their own varieties of industrial pumps in many sizes and capacities. Being a leading engineering company in Sri Lanka, Hayleys Aventuradoes not forget to offer the best amount and satisfaction to its customers when buying their industrial water pumps. For a smoother run for your business without any disturbance of handling water pressure and instead, be able to use them for your advantage, purchase Hayleys Aventura’s Industrial water pumps now.

Motors & Control Solutions and Medium Voltage Systems

Handling the amount of voltage power that enters into a business is essential because, in the event of low power consumption, the machinery inside a business could malfunction, and a high voltage could shorten their service life. Therefore, energy efficiency is a necessity when managing a business. Hayleys Aventuraprovides medium voltage systems and other motor & control solutions that solve inadequate power consumption, partnered with Merus Power, a global leader in administrating energy consumption and productivity. Hayleys Aventura’s Industrial solutions department is the exclusive agent and service provider of Invertek Drives. We are also appointed by ABB, the authorized service provider for ABB in Sri Lanka, and bear the leading name in Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) in Sri Lanka. Hayleys Industrial solutions strive to give the finest, secure, trustworthy, and suitable power consumption according to the customers\’ needs allowing them to have satisfaction from a wide range of products.

Lifts and Car Parking Solutions

Since the start of the 20th century, vehicles have become an integral part of life for humans. By owning a car you could get to almost anywhere and it’s much safer and convenient.  But just as we need vehicles for better transportation, we also need car parking systems installed wherever people gather more frequently so that we will face no problem parking our vehicle and leaving. Hayleys Aventurapartnered with Moral Liftplans to provide premium stack car parking system to Sri Lanka in the future which would have guaranteed reliability and safety. Moral Lift is a leading manufacturer especially for lifts & elevators in China and Hayleys Aventura’s Industrial solutions offer a range of high-quality industrial products such as car parking solutions, elevators and more. Hayleys Industrial Solutionsalso excels in providing 24/7 emergency service and makes it a top priority to focus on attending the after sales services.

Storage and Material Handling

Are you looking for a secure and steady storage solution for your business? Then, Hayleys Aventura is for you! The storage and material handlingsection of Hayleys Aventura’s Industrial solutions focuses on short/long term rental of storage and material handling equipment in Sri Lanka. Partnered with Hyster, USAwho is internationally recognized as manufacturers of Forklifts and other material handling equipment, Hayleys Aventura’s Industrial Solutions gives out the best service geared with first-class machinery, representing leading storage solution brands such as, STOW (A Belgium-based storage solutions provider).


By purchasing our products, you can upgrade your B2B solutions and develop your business into having a higher competitive advantage and thus, help Sri Lanka take a step forward in becoming a more developed country.

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