Bank of Ceylon Powered by Tempest Generators

We have all encountered a time or two where electricity failed us and left us frustrated. Since electricity is used to power technology we use everyday, being without it can be quite a headache.


Many homes, businesses and hospitals would be in disaster in the event of a power outage. For instance, critical equipment given for patients in intensive care would malfunction, food inside a refrigerator would become stale and with the lights out we would all be left in the darkness.

But with the help of a generator we are now able to solve all these problems.






Generators are mostly used for its ability to backup electricity when there would otherwise be none. Therefore, it is an essential item for many employees and home owners.

Tempest Generators by Allam Marine are state-of-the-art machinery designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in the UK with high-quality engineering and reliability. Hayleys Aventura being specialized in the sale of industrial power generators, have supplied and installed a 775kVA Tempest generator to the Bank Of Ceylon head office in Sri Lanka, which holds the potential of being equipped with an electrical alarm and fire system. Tempest generators are available ranging from a capacity of 5kVA to 2200kVA. It is fully assembled, individually tested and powered by engines such as Perkins and Volvo.


In the midst of harmful environmental conditions affecting the national power supply and the unknown circumstance of power outage, generators have widely grown popular all over the world. Therefore, purchasing a generator for your business is the reliable path, in order to avoid any unnecessary and unexpected power cuts in the future.


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