The future of car parking systems, now in Sri Lanka!

Parking your vehicle at a mall, a hotel or residence is a simple activity and isn\’t given much thought…

Have you wondered how much space is taken up by an individual vehicle?

Many countries, upon reaching a respectable level of a developed status have shown how the many little things contribute towards greatness. Most of these aspects go unnoticed in many developing countries due to cost and lack of resources. In this article we shall discuss one particular shift taking place in Sri Lanka, which would potentially move the country to a standing.

As seen in many countries such as Japan (Tokyo) and South Korea, we can observe the well organised manner of each street and spotless charm around every corner. This was mostly because of the lower traffic on the roads and little to no vehicles parked on street-sides.

How have these countries achieved this?

The answer as to how these countries established this is quite simple, all was made possible as they simply invested in developments which would efficiently utilise the nation\’s resources, and a minor move such as investing in Car Parking solutions has made quite an impact.

The Car Parking system/ Stacked Car Parking solution gives many advantages, out of which the most beneficial is undoubtedly the efficient allocation of parking space, by enabling the possibility to double the amount of vehicles which could be stationed.

Many developing countries have not made the advancement towards this simple yet effective machinery due to high costs and scarcity of relevant resources. However, Hayleys Aventura is functioning with highest dedication to help Sri Lanka utilise such simple technologies to help raise the nation\’s efficiency by as much as possible.

Given the quality guarantee for a durable use and comparatively fair rates, Hayleys Aventura has succeeded in initiating this shift towards development within Sri Lanka.

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