Power through the power-cuts with Hayleys Aventura

Power Outages in Sri Lanka

Due to the country\’s severe financial crisis, which has resulted in fuel shortages, Sri Lanka has been experiencing power outages throughout the day, in locations across the country.

The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka has stated that the country\’s grid will be disrupted for over 7 hours every day because of this issue. This will happen on a rotation basis across regions, accordingly with a set schedule presented by the Ceylon Electricity Board.

Many people are facing problems in their day-to-day lives as a result of this issue, such as being unable to continue working and even meeting basic daily tasks. Business activities have also decreased in productivity, and several operations have been paused as a result of this matter.

People have been looking for ways to resume their day-to-day activities, and generators have proven to be a lifesaver during these power shortages. Since its establishment, Hayleys Engineering has specialized in the marketing of industrial power generators to various commercial and industrial customers. As a primary distributor, we provide Volvo Penta generators, assembled by the world\’s finest brand in its market, with readily available parts and service assistance. Our highly experienced and competent sales staff functions with a group of people who are technologically savvy and also have a proven background in sales and marketing.

Thus, driving the guarantee that you do not have to face hardships in the process of trying to meet the completion of your day-to-day tasks.

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