Low Voltage Motors With Hayleys Aventura

For more than three decades, Hayleys Aventura, one of Sri Lanka\’s main engineering firms, has been the industry leader in manufacturing industrial water pumps for all applications. With a wide selection of industrial pumps in all sizes and capacities to successfully handle water, Hayleys Engineering offers its clients the most affordable and simple ways to purchase industrial pumps in Sri Lanka. We offer premium industrial water pumps that are suitable for heating, air conditioning, pressure boosting, groundwater supply, domestic water supply, wastewater, industrial applications, dosing and disinfection, renewable energy systems, and motors.

As a premier service provider, Hayleys Aventura offers the best industrial pump on the Sri Lankan market by selling OME pumps. Established in the 1960s, OME Motors is a market-leading producer of all types of electrical motors with the best quality and highest efficiency ratings.

Why OME pumps?

Industrial electric pumps are produced by OME Motors for a range of requirements and applications. Due to their excellent quality and technical standards—with Versatility, Robustness, Simplicity, Reduced Maintenance, and Flexibility—it specializes in the production of centrifugal pumps, which are suitable for a number of applications. All of OME Motors\’ electric pumps are made with cutting-edge engineering techniques in accordance with European standards.

Hayleys Aventura provides OME Pumps with technical and engineering support of the most advanced monitoring and diagnostic processes in the sector.

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