Hayleys Aventura Expands Offerings Through its Partnership with Goodpack


While being Sri Lanka\’s leading industrial solutions supplier, with an expanded focus on five business segments spanning from Engineering Solutions to Industrial Raw Materials, Hayley’s Aventura is proud to provide practical and innovative solutions that are based on sustainability and meet international standards.

Keeping this vision in mind, Hayleys Aventura has yet again expanded its solution offerings through the introduction of “Goodpack”, an unparalleled storage solution for challenging cargos such as food, liquids, natural rubber and other industrial products such as tires and automotive parts. Hence, keeping in line with Hayley’s Aventura’s goal of providing solutions that meet international standards, we have partnered with Goodpack Pte Ltd, a global leader in developing safe and cost-efficient transportation and storage solutions.

In addition to the above, the Goodpack container, created through functional design and engineering brilliance, is the industry standard for environmental sustainability, offering a cost-effective and recyclable alternative to wooden boxes and metal drums. The containers are composed of galvanized steel with a high tensile strength and may be reused several times. This is a direct reflection of the importance of sustainability placed by the partnership between Goodpack and Hayleys Aventura.

Through this offering, Hayleys Aventura customers will now have access to a global platform with over 5000 delivery/collection points and has a record of 6,500,000 global movements annually.

What makes Goodpack Intermediate bulk containers unique?

The innovative galvanized containers Goodpack are foldable, stackable, and nestable. They\’re built to guard against shocks and pollutants, and they\’re also quick, easy, and safe to set up and take down by one person.

The container is:

  • Rugged, returnable, and reusable
  • Zero wood and plastic contamination
  • Hygienic and food safe
  • Standard and custom solutions
  • Green: Returnable and reusable = zero disposal emissions
  • Economic: Unit design = lower raw material storage capex
  • Safe: Set-up, knock-down by a single individual in seconds

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