Colour Solutions

Colour Solutions

Leading colour solutions provider in Sri Lanka

Colour Solutions

Color solution is providing Textile Dyes ,Chemicals and water Base industrial colors to various industry applications. Haycolour is the Sri Lankan largest manufacturer of water base pigment Emulsion is located west part in the country. It was incorporated in 1980.


Haycolour has universal ranges of superior aqueous pigment dispersions. They are used by many industries such as Textile Screen & Rotary Printing, Latex Gloves & Balloons, Toys, Coir & fibre, Decorative paints etc. The strength of Haycolour is its ability to quickly innovate and provide customized colours to meet our customers’ expectations and requirements.

Textile Dyeing

Reactive Dyes
Disperse Dyes
Acid Dyes
Basic Dyes/Sulphur Dyes


Dye Machine cleanning
Reduction cleanning
Fabric Colour Steeping
Paper Bleaching

Water Base Pigments

Water base Pigment for Textile printing
Pigments for Glove Industry
Pigments for coir
Pigments for Balloons
Pigmenst for toys & Paints

Textile Screen Printing

Cross Linker
Rubber paste -Acrylic
Rubber paste - PU
Reflective Powder
Flock and Foil
Glow in the dark
Screen coating chemicals

Paints And Coatings

Organic pigment powders
Inorganic pigment powders-Iron Oxide, Titanium
Titanium Dispersions

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